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Commercial Services: Backflow Services

In most municipalities, backflow prevention devices must be installed at all cross-connection points inside the plumbing systems used by condos, apartments, restaurants and other places used by the public and businesses. In each case, the level of hazard on the property determines the type of backflow prevention that is necessary.

Backflow Explained

Water lines below businesses and homes carry clean, or potable, water under pressure. When backflow occurs, dirty water is flowing back into the water lines carrying potable water. This can result in contamination by fecal matter, chemicals, pesticides, agricultural waste and other toxins, making the water a major threat to health. Whether cross-connections are present in the plumbing systems of buildings used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes, backflow remains possible.

Preventing Backflow

To prevent backflow, plumbers install a device that contains a couple of mechanical check values that keep dirty water from being able to enter the clean water lines in case of major changes affecting water pressure. When backflow prevention devices are installed and cared for correctly, they can eliminate the risk of potable water becoming contaminated.

Testing Backflow

To keep backflow valves working correctly and aligned with municipal codes, they have to be inspected every year. Failure to complete back flow testing in a timely manner could result in interruption of service as well as fines.

Professional Backflow Services

Rite-a-way plumbers perform a full range of services related to backflow prevention, including installation, testing, repair and certification for any and all backflow prevention devices. Your plumber will take care of all paperwork needed for your yearly inspection. When your system is due for another backflow test, we'll remind you so that you continue to receive uninterrupted water service and stay on good terms with municipal water authorities.

In addition to performing these backflow prevention services, Rite-a-way technicians can also make sure that your property is currently equipped with the right backflow devices. Schedule your backflow test by calling today. You can count on Rite-a-way for all your needs related to water service and backflow prevention.