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Commercial Services: Disposals

Commercial kitchens rely heavily on their sink disposals working properly. When dishes and food containers are rinsed and washed, food particles are washed down into the disposer. It's a fast and easy way to dispose of pieces of food without having to scrape plates into the garbage can, which can then attract flies and other varmint. The food in the disposer is then ground up, preventing drain clogs and other problems. However, in a fast paced environment, sometimes large quantities of food are washed into the disposer at once; even non-food items get accidentally placed in there, which will cause the disposer to clog and possibly break. Since no commercial kitchen can function properly without a working sink disposer, it must be taken care of immediately.

Rite-a-way has expert plumbing professionals to take care of the problem right away. We are able to assess the issue, provide written estimates at no cost and repair and/or replace commercial sink disposals. With Rite-a-way, you don't have to worry about whether or not you've called the right place. We can repair, replace and install any type of commercial sink disposal and it's done right the first time. We understand that, as a business, you don't have time for your kitchen to not be functioning at full capacity, so we are here to serve you!


Even if you're unsure why your disposal isn't working, our plumbing professionals will come in, take a look and give you a proper assessment of the issue. There are a range of issues that commercial disposals face, and we are equipped to repair each one. Make sure you call Rite-a-way if your disposal is experiencing any of these issues:

  • Leaks. Seals can become worn out, which causes the leakage of water, food particles and smells.
  • Clogs. There could be a clog in the drain due to an overwhelming amount of waste placed in the disposer, or it could indicate a problem with the waste not being properly ground inside the disposer.
  • Buzzing. This could indicate a problem with the motor.
  • Silence. This would indicate the unit isn't working at all and may have an electrical problem or may simply need to be reset.


Whether you're buying a brand new disposal unit, upgrading the one you currently have or need your broken unit replaced, Rite-a-way has the expertise to get you started. We are trained professionals who have the ability to uninstall old or broken models and properly install new ones. There are different types of disposals and if you're unsure of which one will suit your needs, our professionals can guide you. We can look at disposal placement, how complex a system you will need and how powerful a unit you will need.