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Commercial Services: Faucets

Faucets receive a lot of use in commercial businesses. Whether located in institutions such as hospitals, hotels, schools, in operations such as restaurants or factories or even in apartment complexes, the faucets on your property may generate hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per day for general sanitation or for manufacturing applications. What’s more, you may have several different types of faucets, each with their own unique operation and maintenance requirements. Dripping faucets and those that don’t turn off or otherwise operate properly can be a detriment to business. Not only will wasted money go down the drain with each drop, bad faucets can actually damage your property.

Trust Rite-a-way with all commercial, industrial, maintenance and replacement needs. Our professional licensed plumbers have the necessary expertise to work on any type of faucet in all types of businesses. Rite-a-way professionals will work in any location on your premises, whether it is in the kitchen, lavatory, bare area, laundry room, operating room and more. Our services include all types of bathroom faucets, including automatic sensor and hands-free models, dip well and pot filler faucets, low flow fixtures, hose bibs, vacuum breakers, waste valves, water shut-off valves and backflow preventers.