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Grease Trap Pumping

If you are looking for quick, reliable waste removal services, look no further than Rite-a-way. We offer our expertise in waste removal in order to help you vacuum, pump, or haul liquid waste from any storage receptacle, including grease traps, septic tanks, and car wash sumps.

Poorly maintained grease traps are prone to developing odors, solid grease deposits, and other health and safety hazards. Our licensed technicians will take expert care of your grease traps, cleaning both the liquid waste and scraping away troublesome hardened grease. We also offer regular maintenance appointments for your company’s receptacles, ensuring that they run smoother and need to be pumped less often, saving your business both valuable time and money. In the event of emergencies, our workers are always standing by so that you can get top-quality service anytime you need it.

Rite-a-way also makes sure to do their part for the environment by strictly adhering to all federal, state, and local regulations regarding the transport and disposal of liquid waste, and disposing of waste exclusively at licensed processing facilities. From start to finish, Rite-a-way ensures the health and safety of all concerned parties in the disposal of your company’s liquid waste.