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High-Pressure Water Jetting

The old-fashioned drain cable machines are great at breaking up blockages caused by solid tangles of tree roots in the lines. However, when it comes to clearing weaker blockages like mineral deposits, grease, and normally occurring drain sludge from your pipes, you need a high-pressure water system to truly clean and push the debris completely out of the pipes.

With a high-pressure water jetting system, plain water is forced into the drainpipes under different pressure levels to completely clean the pipes all the way to the sewer connection. A unique nozzle installed at the end of an extra heavyweight hose has multiple water jets that work in all directions to actually cut through debris and totally clear the junk from the pipes, and it even grinds through tree roots. This process is a thorough drainpipe cleaner no matter what the debris or how severe the blockage.

When you own and operate a business, the last thing you need to worry about is drain blockages. At Rite-a-way, we understand that you do not have time to deal with problematic drains. This is why we offer high-pressure water jetting to keep your pipes draining smoothly.

At Rite-a-way, we recommend that commercial businesses with frequent drain problems call us for a thorough water jetting procedure to remove the sludge causing havoc in their drainpipes. Once the initial cleaning is complete, we suggest setting up a schedule to have the lines high-pressure cleaned periodically. This practice makes sense, and our professional technicians can assist you in arranging a strategy according to what sorts of materials are going down your drains.

If you are having problems with slow draining or blocked pipes, consider water jetting to solve the problem. It is an environmentally sound procedure that quickly cuts through the gunk and keeps your drainpipes clear and running free of debris.