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This company ended up on my radar as a result of my having to contact American Home Shield to help resolve a plumbing leak I was having. In all honesty, I was prepared to slam this place, due to not only the Yelp ratings, but ratings from another web site. I even went as far as to call AHS beforehand, stating that I was uncomfortable about what I was reading about this company.

I was given a 4 hour service window on the day I scheduled my appointment. On the day of the appointment, someone from the office called me to let me know that I should expect the guy within the hour. A few minutes later, I received another call from the guy, saying that he was about 15 minutes away. All of this was in the early half of my service window, which made me very happy.

The guy showed up, did his repair, and was very efficient. I don't know if my experience was an anomaly, but I was very pleased with the process and it definitely surpassed my expectations
Date of Posting: 02 April 2015
Posted By: Daryl I.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
I called Rite A Way on a Sunday. I told the dispatcher of the problem I was having with my shower leaking. She said she could send someone out to take a look and give me an estimate. Expecting to get an appointment in a few days I was shocked when she said someone could come out today. I didn't even think the techs worked today but someone arrived at my house around noon or so and took a look at it he diagnosed it and gave me a quote. I wanted to make sure that this was what was wrong so I called another plumbing to come out and take a look at it. This time the guy showed up late without any call so i waited around till he came. He comes out and diagnosis it and gives me a price much higher then the price rite-a way gave me. Needless to say I called Rite A Way back and went with their bid on it the job was done the next day and I haven't had a problem with my shower since.
Date of Posting: 31 March 2015
Posted By: Maddison Lemat
My air conditioner went out and I contacted American Home Shield for repair. Rene from Rite-A-Way Services came to the house and fixed the problem in about 15 minutes. He was friendly, informative and seemed trustworthy. I was very happy with the service.
Date of Posting: 28 March 2015
Posted By: Christina R.
I actually had a good experience after having a disaster experience with another plumbing company (also via my home warranty.)

Someone called me within 30 minutes of me calling in a claim and the guy came out two days later (it was not an emergency, I just stopped getting water out of my kitchen faucet.)

The tech came out within the specified window and called to let me know he was on his way. It wound up being a much smaller repair than we had thought, but it required a return trip. He came out the next day with the part, again, calling and saying he was on his way. He installed the part and it works great.
Date of Posting: 20 March 2015
Posted By: Kimberley H.
Laguna Hills, CA
My home insurance company sent Rite Away out after we called about a leak, which was right next to an electrical outlet in the kitchen. The plumber arrived on time, fixed our leak and explained what next steps to take to get our wall fixed (he had to tear the drywall out). Friendly, cleaned up after himself and did his job quickly. Very pleased with the service overall.
Date of Posting: 18 March 2015
Posted By: Natalie T.
Ladera Ranch, CA
I had rite-away services out today and had a guy named Daniel. He was great very professional took care of two stoppages for us in two different bathroom sinks. Answered all my questions. Also took a look at some other things that were of concern and gave me est pricing since those were non- covered items. Called before he showed up and was fast at his job and cleaned up. Drains work great again.
Date of Posting: 15 March 2015
Posted By: E E D.
Winchester, CA
After reading the reviews of AHS (the insurance company who sent RiteAWay to us) we were not expecting very good service, nor a product that was acceptable. But the crew that actually did our hot water installation was super! Our broken water heater was replaced with a comparable one, and the installtion went without a hitch. The installers also gave us good information on how to prevent mishaps in the future.

Our biggest disappointment was with the office staff that contacted us for the installation appointment. We were made to feel that, if we did not allow their subsidiary company to do additional unnecessary work, we would not be getting our water heater replaced. Just as the BBB reviews state about American Home Shield and some of the contractors that they recommend, be leary of these upsales. They wanted over $1200.00 to repair the 2ft x 2ft pedestal for our water heater, and other various repairs which were not needed.

Bottom line is: when it comes to the installers, we are happier than we expected to be. We would have them back, if the need would arise in the future. Good job, guys.
Date of Posting: 12 March 2015
Posted By: Virginia S.
Highland, CA
I found out about Riteaway through AHS warranty. I wanted to give 3 stars but I cant really rate for services preformed on my new house before I owned it. before we took ownership, the toilet was loose and was repaired but still loose when we over in, so they came back as a recall service and fixed it. The reason I give four stars is because last week I called them back as my sewer was backed up due to a blockage. As promised the tech called me when he was 15 mins away. When he arrived and opened the door, I got a little scared as the guy was huge and looked scary too, but turned out to be really professional and sweet. He listened very carefully to the issues we were having and even took care of some other plumbing problems that were apparent. The techs name was Rick and he was very clean, respectful and very efficient. he took time to give us some useful tips and advice and all throughout the appointment he was smiling and courteous. He even took the time to pause in the driveway to say goodbye to my three yr old son who was crying because he didn't say goodbye. I have had other techs from this company come over and they were not bad at all. I will keep this company in mind, even when my warranty expires.
Date of Posting: 08 March 2015
Posted By: N K.
Fontana, CA
I had a stoppage issue with my washer that another company failed to clear twice. Rite-A-Way does have the standard terrible 4 hour window but Ivan arrived 30 minutes after the start of the 4 hour window, great. He started the washer cycle, found the washer clean out and started clearing it of lint as the washer ran. After he cleaned it out, the washer was 10 minutes from starting the drain cycle, he waited and made sure it drained properly then cleaned up the area and explained to me how to clean it out occasionally. He was very professional and fixed the problem the first time.
Date of Posting: 14 February 2015
Posted By: Carlos
Customer, San Diego
Jon Munoz has serviced my home on three different occasions, and he is most professional, solves the problems quickly, and is very honest. He has an upbeat attitude and is very easy to deal with; he answered our questions thoroughly. We will always request him when we need more plumbing help.
Date of Posting: 23 January 2015
Posted By: Dr. Russ

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