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Bathroom Plumbing

One of the most important rooms in a home is the bathroom and ensuring that the plumbing works properly is essential to its upkeep. When you’re looking to replace, install or repair any of your bathrooms essentials, you’ll want to count on Rite-a-way. We have a staff of trained experts who can handle all of your plumbing needs.

  • Plugged Drains – The primary causes of a plugged drain is dirt and debris. As the build-up gets caught in your drain, it can cause your shower, sink and tub to function slowly. A service technician from Rite-a-way can rid your drains of debris and restore it to its proper working condition.

  • Tubs and Showers – You’ll find Rite-a-way to have a skilled set of professionals to provide expert precision in your tub and shower repairs. From sophisticated showerheads and spa-like jets to steam systems and intricate faucet designs, our team has the level of expertise to work with the wide variety of shower and tub accessories found in today’s bathrooms.

  • Faucets – Rite-a-way is experienced at all types of faucet repairs. If you’re looking to replace your faucet or install something that you’ve already purchased, our trucks are stocked with the essential replacement parts.

  • Bathroom Sinks – Rite-a-way can handle a variety of problems such as installing a new sink, repair or replace the faucet and unclog dirt and debris from the sink drain.

  • Water and Drain Lines – Rite-a-way has a host of plumbing professionals equipped to repair, install or relocate your water and drain lines.

  • Toilets – Toilets can take a beating with clogs and overwhelming amounts of toilet paper. When you’re looking to restore your drain fully, Rite-a-way can clear your clogs and improve its flushing power. If you’re having issues with leaks, broken tanks and running toilets, we have a staff of skilled plumbers trained to fix your problems.

  • Water conservation – Rite-a-way is dedicated to water conservation and the environment. We have a “green” program in place that focuses on water-saving products and fixtures to help homeowners enjoy significant savings on their utility bills. Just ask a plumbing professional about our “green” solutions.