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Clogged Drains & Drain Cleaning

At Rite-a-way, we are experienced at solving the following clogged drain problems:

  • Over time, kitchen drains tend to become clogged with cooking grease, soap, and cleaning detergent. As these items continue to build up inside the pipes, the drain starts to run slower until it eventually clogs. Our Rite-a-way kitchen plumbing technicians will be able to use a specialized machine to destroy the clog and eliminate all of the debris blocking the water flow.

  • Shower and tub drains usually fall victim to clogs too, as a result of the buildup of hair or soap in the trap and pipe. Thankfully, our Rite-a-way skilled shower repair team will be able to use a drain cleaning machine to free the drain. After all of the hair and soap has been removed, the shower will be restored back to its former functional glory.

  • Clogs in bathroom sink drains can be the consequence of hair, soap, or toothpaste being consistently flushed down the pipe. Rite-a-way offers a variety of bathroom sink drain solutions, since it is one of the more popular problems we face on a daily basis. Our technicians are experts at removing the clog and cleaning the entire pipe, so that the sink will drain properly again.

  • Toilet drains can become overwhelmed with excessive use of toilet paper, or perhaps a child’s toy. Clogs in a toilet can be particularly unappealing; therefore, Rite-a-way will solve the problem quickly and efficiently. Using a machine with a spinning cable, our technicians can cut through the debris that is causing the clog. The end result will be a toilet with forceful flushes and full drainage capabilities.

  • Basements, garages, patios, and sometimes laundry rooms are equipped with floor drainage systems. These drains need to be maintained with adequate water to prevent unpleasant odors or sewer gas from being emitted. Whenever clogs in floor drains occur, Rite-a-way can free the obstruction, transport the water away, and avert any flooding mishaps.

  • Downspout drains connected to the storm sewer system tend to become clogged with leaves, tree branches, or other natural debris in the roof gutters. Rite-a-way can handle a backup efficiently by clearing the downspout and all essential pipes to reinstate appropriate drainage.