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Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposal issues account for a large number of the customer service calls that Rite-a-way receives. In fact, the device is possibly one of the home’s most mismanaged appliances. Often, people forget that garbage disposals should only be used to eliminate light food deposits from dishware, utensils and cooking gadgets prior to their being loaded into a dishwasher.

When people clog them with large amounts of food or waste, they overwhelm the appliance and obstruct the sink drain. Therefore, a frustrating situation occurs since the kitchen sink is unusable. Fortunately, Rite-a-way can quickly repair or replace the appliance to make your kitchen operational.


Your garbage disposal is buzzing, but it is failing to function properly.


The first step is to pinpoint the reset button, which is on the disposer’s base, and then press it. If the reset button fails to reactivate your garbage disposal, then power off the appliance. With a flashlight, look for an unusual object that may be in the drain like a staple, bread tie or coin, and remove it with a pair of pliers or kitchen tongs. Do not put your hand inside the disposal as it is a safety risk. Some garbage disposals come with a hex key jam cleaning device. If yours does, then it may be located underneath your sink or taped to the appliance. To use the tool, locate the slot near the lower section of the disposer and insert it. Once it is in place, shift it back and forth to remove the debris.