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Leak Repair

The average home contains numerous leaks. Damaged faucets, toilets, water lines, drain lines, sewer lines and water heaters are some of the most common sites for leaks to occur. Our leak repair professionals can find and fix all of your home's leaks. Rite-a-way's specialists use professional equipment, giving homeowners peace of mind about the repair process.

In some cases, smaller leaks don't need to be fixed right away. When water lines break or water heaters crack, however, you may experience flooding that puts you at risk for serious loss of property. This is an emergency that must be handled immediately. Rite-a-way is available 24 hours a day for urgent situations like these.

We can take care of smaller leaks, such as dripping faucets, when it's most convenient for you. Over time, however, even these smaller leaks can waste several thousand gallons of water. Left unrepaired, this can increase your water bill while also wasting the planet's water supply. According to the EPA, leaks in U.S. homes waste more than a trillion gallons every year.

In some cases, water leaks go unrepaired for several years because homeowners can't see the leak's source. The water lines that supply showers, sinks, toilets and tubs are often hidden beneath floors, underground and behind the home's walls. Toilets are one of the most common sources of silent water leakage.

When sewer lines are damaged, raw sewage can seep into the ground, possibly making the area unsafe for pets and children. There is also a risk of sewer line leakage contaminating the local supply of fresh water.

Rite-a-way's plumbers are specialists at repairing leaks. Our professional plumbers will locate and fix your plumbing problems right away. For specialists with the right training, fixing leaks is easy.